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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12010Policing Rural Canada and the United StatesDonnermeyer, Joseph F ; DeKeseredy, Walter S; Dragiewicz, Molly27-Jun-2013
22009Crime and DeviancePetherick, Wayne; Ferguson, Claire 27-May-2014
32010Criminal ProfilingPetherick, Wayne; Ferguson, Claire 25-Mar-2014
42012Crime time: The rise of police programming on televisionWise, Jenny ; McGovern, Alyce31-May-2012
52009An Introduction to Crime and DeviancePetherick, Wayne; Ferguson, Claire 27-May-2014
62006Buddhism and TQM: An alternative explanation of Japan's adoption of Total Quality ManagementPoropat, A; Kellett, John11-Sep-2009
7Jun-2020Performance and image enhancing drug (PIED) producers and suppliers: a retrospective content analysis of PIED-provider cases in Australia from 2010-2016van de Ven, Katinka ; Dunn, Matthew; Mulrooney, Kyle 29-May-2019
826-Jun-2020Illegal hunters are a bigger problem on farms than animal activists - so why aren’t we talking about that?Mulrooney, Kyle J D ; Harkness, Alistair23-Jul-2020
92010Ethics for the Forensic CriminologistPetherick, Wayne; Ferguson, Claire 25-Mar-2014
102009The New Scientific Eyewitness: The Role of DNA Profiling in Shaping Criminal JusticeWise, Jenny 29-Mar-2010