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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12010Policing Rural Canada and the United StatesDonnermeyer, Joseph F ; DeKeseredy, Walter S; Dragiewicz, Molly27-Jun-2013
22008AssaultDonnermeyer, Joseph F 29-Aug-2013
32008Rural Child AbuseDonnermeyer, Joseph F 29-Aug-2013
42008National Crime Prevention CouncilDonnermeyer, Joseph F 29-Aug-2013
52008Assault, SimpleDonnermeyer, Joseph F 29-Aug-2013
62014Investigative RelevanceFerguson, Claire 4-Oct-2013
72009Toward a gendered Second Generation CPTED for preventing woman abuse in rural communitiesDeKeseredy, Walter S; Donnermeyer, Joseph F ; Schwartz, Martin D21-May-2013
82002Property Crime and Crime Prevention on Farms in AustraliaBarclay, Elaine ; Donnermeyer, Joseph F 23-May-2013
92012Aboriginal Night Patrols in rural New South Wales: How are they travelling?Barclay, Elaine ; Scott, John 23-May-2013
102012Crime and safety within caravan populations: an Australian surveyBarclay, Elaine ; Mawby, Rob I16-May-2013