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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015Methodologies: Exploring the IntimateNoone, Genevieve ; Miller, Judith A 
22015Imagining a Teacher-Place AssemblageNoone, Genevieve 
32012Minority Students' Perceptions of Schooling and Teachers Quality To Support Their Learning in NorwayAlhassan, Awal Mohammed; Kuyini-Abubakar, Ahmed 
42009Globalizing critical studies of 'official' knowledge: lessons from the Japanese history textbook controversy over 'comfort women'Takayama, Keita 
52009Transforming Learning and the Transmission of Knowledge: Preparing a learning society for the future - Report of the PMSEIC Expert Working GroupSheil, Margaret; Masters, Geoff; Bartlett, Perry; Butcher, Phillipa; Graham, Lorraine ; Harradine, Anthony; Lockyer, Lori; Sarra, Chris; Tuckwell, Kevin; Wood, Robert
62013Estimating Parameters from Samples: Shuttling between SpheresProdromou, Theodosia 
71999The Lives of InsectsTaylor, Neil 
81999Plants of the Pacific IslandsTaylor, Neil ; Thaman, Randy
92015Accelerated Leadership in Rural SchoolsGraham, Lorraine ; Miller, Judith A ; Paterson, David L 
102014Fast Track, Bush Track: Late Career Female Rural School Leaders Taking the Slow RoadMiller, Judith A ; Graham, Lorraine ; Al-Awiwe, Azhar A