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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12008Lights! Camera! Action! A Video Project for the Web 2.0 ClassroomGromik, Nicolas 13-Jan-2015
22012Cell phone video recording feature as a language learning tool: A case studyGromik, Nicolas 24-Dec-2013
32015Self-access English learning facility: A report of student useGromik, Nicolas 2-Jul-2015
42009Do you know who we are? Undergraduate students' access to technology: A survey reportGromik, Nicolas 4-Mar-2014
52006Film editing in the EFL classroomGromik, Nicolas 5-Mar-2014
62008EFL learner use of podcasting resources: A pilot studyGromik, Nicolas 4-Mar-2014
72007Video tutorials: Camtasia in the ESL classroomGromik, Nicolas 5-Mar-2014
82012ESL and Digital Video Integration: Case StudiesLi, Jia; Gromik, Nicolas ; Edwards, Nicolas20-May-2014
92015Access and use of digital video based learning: Singapore engineering undergraduatesGromik, Nicolas 2-Jul-2015
102005CostelloGromik, Nicolas 4-Mar-2014