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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12004Delivery of best weed management practices for meat sheep producersTrotter, Mark ; Sindel, Brian Mark ; Scott, James Murray ; Reeve, Ian 30-May-2012
22016Collective action in invasive species control, and prospects for community-based governance: The case of serrated tussock ('Nassella trichotoma') in New South Wales, AustraliaMarshall, Graham R ; Coleman, Michael ; Sindel, Brian M ; Reeve, Ian ; Berney, Peter13-May-2016
32009Weed Detection on Farms: 'A Guide for Landholders'Sindel, Brian M ; Jhorar, Om ; Reeve, Ian ; Thompson, Lyndal; Moss, Jonathan ; Coleman, Michael 12-Nov-2009
42015Factors influencing rural landholder support for a mandated weed control policyReeve, Ian ; Coleman, Michael ; Sindel, Brian M 12-May-2015
52011The Risks Associated with Weed Spread in Australia and Implications for Natural AreasColeman, Michael ; Sindel, Brian M ; van der Meulen, Annemieke W ; Reeve, Ian 24-Nov-2011
62015Best practice weed detection on Australian farmsColeman, Michael ; Sindel, Brian M ; Reeve, Ian ; Thompson, Lyndal11-Aug-2015
72010Assessing weed spread in Australia using pathway risk analysisColeman, Michael ; Sindel, Brian M ; Schneider, Annemieke W ; Reeve, Ian 22-Oct-2010
82010The detection of weeds on Australian farmsSindel, Brian M ; Coleman, Michael ; Schneider, Annemieke W ; Reeve, Ian 22-Oct-2010
92015Preventing weed spread: a survey of lifestyle and commercial landholders about 'Nassella trichotoma' in the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales, AustraliaRuttledge, Annie; Whalley, Ralph D ; Reeve, Ian ; Backhouse, David ; Sindel, Brian M 9-Oct-2015
102012Improving regional adoption of weed control: a case studyBerney, Peter; Sindel, Brian M ; Coleman, Michael ; Marshall, Graham R ; Reeve, Ian ; Kristiansen, Paul 14-May-2013