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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12009Avian orientation: the pulse effect is mediated by the magnetite receptors in the upper beakWiltschko, Wolfgang; Munro, Ursula; Ford, Hugh A ; Wiltschko, Roswitha10-Mar-2010
22008Lateralized response of chicks to magnetic cuesRogers, Lesley ; Munro, Ursula; Freire, Rafael; Wiltschko, Roswitha; Wiltschko, Wolfgang13-Apr-2010
32008Different responses in two strains of chickens ('Gallus gallus') in a magnetic orientation testFreire, Rafael; Munro, Ursula; Rogers, Lesley ; Sagasser, Sven; Wiltschko, Roswitha; Wiltschko, Wolfgang13-Apr-2010
42010Changing and shielded magnetic fields suppress c-Fos expression in the navigation circuit: input from the magnetosensory system contributes to the internal representation of space in a subterranean rodentBurger, Tomas; Lucova, Marcela; Moritz, Regina E; Oelschlager, Helmut H A; Druga, Rastislav; Burda, Hynek; Wiltschko, Wolfgang; Wiltschko, Roswitha; Nemac, Pavel27-Oct-2014
52010The Role of the Magnetite-Based Receptors in the Beak in Pigeon HomingWiltschko, Roswitha; Schiffner, Ingo; Fuhrmann, Patrick; Wiltschko, Wolfgang27-Oct-2014
62010Directional orientation of birds by the magnetic field under different light conditionsWiltschko, Roswitha; Stapput, Katrin; Thalau, Peter; Wiltschko, Wolfgang27-Oct-2014
72010Photoreceptor-based magnetoreception: optimal design of receptor molecules, cells, and neuronal processingRitz, Thorsten; Ahmad, Margaret; Mouritsen, Henrik; Wiltschko, Roswitha; Wiltschko, Wolfgang27-Oct-2014
82010Lateralization of magnetic compass orientation in pigeonsWilzeck, Christiane; Wiltschko, Wolfgang; Gunturkun, Onur; Wiltschko, Roswitha; Prior, Helmut27-Oct-2014
92013The magnetite-based receptors in the beak of birds and their role in avian navigationWiltschko, Roswitha; Wiltschko, Wolfgang30-Oct-2014
102010Magnetoreception of Directional Information in Birds Requires Nondegraded VisionStapput, Katrin; Gunturkun, Onur; Hoffmann, Klaus-Peter; Wiltschko, Roswitha; Wiltschko, Wolfgang27-Oct-2014