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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12016A new Lower Triassic (Induan) Jerus Limestone locality in northwest Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia: Conodont fauna, depositional and tectonic settingsMetcalfe, Ian 13-May-2016
22017Devonian and Carboniferous stratigraphy and conodont biostratigraphy of the Malay Peninsula in a regional tectonic contextMetcalfe, Ian 13-Feb-2018
32012Changhsingian (Late Permian) conodonts from Son La, northwest Vietnam and their stratigraphic and tectonic implicationsMetcalfe, Ian 18-Apr-2012
42016Detrital chrome spinel evidence for a Neotethyan intra-oceanic island arc collision with India in the PaleoceneBaxter, Alan ; Aitchison, Jonathan C; Ali, Jason R; Chan, Jacky Sik-Lap; Chan, Gavin Heung Ngai14-Dec-2016
52017Detrital zircon U-Pb-Hf isotopes and provenance of Late Neoproterozoic and Early Paleozoic sediments of the Simao and Baoshan blocks SW China: Implications for Proto-Tethys and Paleo-Tethys evolution and Gondwana reconstructionZhao, Tianyu; Feng, Qinglai; Metcalfe, Ian ; Milan, Luke ; Liu, Guichun; Zhang, Zhibin10-Oct-2017
62016Complexity of In-situ zircon U-Pb-Hf isotope systematics during arc magma genesis at the roots of a Cretaceous arc, Fiordland, New ZealandMilan, Luke ; Daczko, N R; Clarke, G L; Allibone, A H14-Dec-2016
72016Tectonic drivers and the influence of the Kerguelen plume on seafloor spreading during formation of the early Indian OceanWatson, S J; Whittaker, J M; Halpin, J A; Williams, S E; Milan, Luke ; Daczko, N R; Wyman, D A14-Dec-2016
82011Upper Jurassic radiolarians from the Naga Ophiolite, Nagaland, northeast IndiaBaxter, Alan ; Aitchison, Jonathan A; Zyabrev, Sergey V; Ali, Jason R28-Apr-2014
9Jan-2021Magmatic Response to Subduction Initiation, Part II: Boninites and Related Rocks of the Izu‐Bonin Arc From IOPD Expedition 352Shervais, John W; Reagan, Mark K; Godard, Marguerite; Prytulak, Julie; Ryan, Jeffrey G; Pearce, Julian A; Almeev, Renat R; Li, Hongyan; Haugen, Emily; Chapman, Timothy ; Kurz, Walter; Nelson, Wendy R; Heaton, Daniel E; Kirchenbaur, Maria; Shimizu, Kenji; Sakuyama, Tetsuya; Vetter, Scott K; Li, Yibing; Whattam, Scott7-Apr-2021
102010Early Cretaceous radiolarians from the Spongtang massif, Ladakh, NW India: implications for Neo-Tethyan evolutionBaxter, Alan ; Aitchinson, Jonathan C; Ali, Jason R; Zyabrev, Sergey V28-Apr-2014