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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12013Tectonic evolution of the Malay PeninsulaMetcalfe, Ian 16-Oct-2013
22017Detrital zircon U-Pb-Hf isotopes and provenance of Late Neoproterozoic and Early Paleozoic sediments of the Simao and Baoshan blocks SW China: Implications for Proto-Tethys and Paleo-Tethys evolution and Gondwana reconstructionZhao, Tianyu; Feng, Qinglai; Metcalfe, Ian ; Milan, Luke ; Liu, Guichun; Zhang, Zhibin10-Oct-2017
32017Tectonic evolution of SundalandMetcalfe, Ian 19-Oct-2017
42016Complexity of In-situ zircon U-Pb-Hf isotope systematics during arc magma genesis at the roots of a Cretaceous arc, Fiordland, New ZealandMilan, Luke ; Daczko, N R; Clarke, G L; Allibone, A H14-Dec-2016
52012Linking Permian magmatic activity in the southern New England Orogen with ash-fall tuff horizons in the Bowen, Gunnedah and Sydney BasinsBlevin, Phillip; Chisholm, Emma; Cross, Andrew; Crowley, Jim; Nicoll, Bob; Metcalfe, Ian 12-Sep-2012
62011Detrital zircon U-Pb ages along the Yarlung-Tsangpo suture zone, Tibet: Implications for oblique convergence and collision between India and AsiaAitchison, Jonathan C; Xia, Xiaoping; Baxter, Alan ; Ali, Jason R28-Apr-2014
72017U-Pb isotope geochronology and geochemistry of granites from Hainan Island (northern South China Sea margin): Constraints on late Paleozoic-Mesozoic tectonic evolutionYan, Quanshu; Metcalfe, Ian ; Shi, Xuefa30-Jun-2017
82016Discovery of a Late Devonian magmatic arc in the southern Lancangjiang zone, western Yunnan: Geochemical and zircon U-Pb geochronological constraints on the evolution of Tethyan ocean basins in SW ChinaNie, Xiaomei; Feng, Qinglai; Metcalfe, Ian ; Baxter, Alan ; Liu, Guichun15-Jan-2016
916-Jan-2021A New Reconstruction for Permian East Gondwana Based on Zircon Data From Ophiolite of the East Australian Great Serpentinite BeltMilan, L A ; Belousova, E A; Glen, R A; Chapman, T ; Kalmbach, J; Fu, B; Ashley, P M 30-Mar-2021