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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12017Model-based Informal InferenceProdromou, Theodosia 11-Oct-2017
22014GeoGebra in Teaching and Learning Introductory StatisticsProdromou, Theodosia 8-Jan-2015
32012Students' Construction of Meanings about the Co-ordination of the Two Epistemological Perspectives on DistributionProdromou, Theodosia 15-Nov-2012
42012Connecting experimental probability and theoretical probabilityProdromou, Theodosia 15-Nov-2012
52003Computational Gains Using RPVM on a Beowulf ClusterCarson, B; Murison, RD ; Mason, IA21-Jul-2008
62013Estimating Parameters from Samples: Shuttling between SpheresProdromou, Theodosia 6-Jun-2013
72013Informal Inferential Reasoning: Interval Estimates of ParametersProdromou, Theodosia 6-Jun-2013
82014Geogebra in Teaching Introductory StatisticsProdromou, Theodosia 2-Jul-2014
92015Students' Emerging Reasoning About Data Tables of Large-Scale DataProdromou, Theodosia 29-Jul-2015
102014Drawing inference from data visualisationsProdromou, Theodosia 14-Nov-2014