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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12009Recent Progress on Reaction-Diffusion Systems and Viscosity SolutionsDu, Yihong ; Ishii, Hitoshi; Lin, Wei-Yueh19-Nov-2009
22011Ultra-fast detection of salient contours through horizontal connections in the primary visual cortexLoxley, Peter ; Bettencourt, L M; Kenyon, G T7-Apr-2017
32014Spatiotemporally varying visual hallucinations: I. Corticothalamic theoryHenke, H; Robinson, P A; Drysdale, P M; Loxley, Peter 26-Apr-2017
42007Energy approach to rivalry dynamics, soliton stability, and pattern formation in neuronal networksLoxley, Peter ; Robinson, P A1-Jun-2017
52009Soliton Model of Competitive Neural Dynamics during Binocular RivalryLoxley, Peter ; Robinson, P A1-Jun-2017
62009Spatiotemporal dynamics of pattern formation in the primary visual cortex and hallucinationsHenke, H; Robinson, P A; Drysdale, P M; Loxley, Peter 1-Jun-2017
72007Spike-rate adaptation and neuronal bursting in a mean-field model of brain activityLoxley, Peter ; Robinson, P A1-Jun-2017