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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12013Culture-Specific Forensic Accounting Conceptual Framework: A Skills Set Theoretical AnalysisShanikat, Mohammed; Khan, Ashfaq A 19-Dec-2013
22007Corporate Governance in Bangladesh: Link between Ownership and Financial PerformanceFarooque, Omar ; van Zijl, Tony; Dunstan, Keitha; Karim, AKM Waresul30-Nov-2017
32009Australian Alternatives to Local Government ConsolidationDollery, Brian E ; Grant, Bligh 22-Apr-2010
42005Do Ownership Structures Stimulate the Performance of Listed Firms in China?Hovey, Martin 10-Jan-2012
52002Corporate Governance, Valuation and Ownership in China: An Empirical Study of Listed FirmsHovey, Martin 10-Jan-2012
62005Enterprise Reforms in China: The Way ForwardHovey, Martin ; Naughton, Tony10-Jan-2012
72002What Part do Securities' Markets Play in Advancing Corporate Governance in Asia?Naughton, Tony; Hovey, Martin 10-Jan-2012
82007Corporate Governance, Ownership Structures and Leverage: The Profitability of Listed Firms in ChinaHovey, Martin 10-Jan-2012
92007IPO Underpricing in China and a Firm's Long-Term Performance?Li, Larry; Hovey, Martin 10-Jan-2012
102017Flexible working arrangements and strategic positions in SMEsKotey, Bernice A 17-Mar-2017