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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12018Indian smart cities and cleaner production initiatives - Integrated framework and recommendationsAdapa, Sujana 28-Jan-2018
22012Industry Evidence on Earnings Management - A Comparative Analysis of Accounting ModelsSun, Lan ; Farooque, Omar 4-Sep-2012
32018Small and Medium-Sized Accounting Firms in India: Inclusive or Exclusive Leadership?Adapa, Sujana ; Sheridan, Alison 23-Jan-2018
42012Executive Compensation and Contract-driven Earnings ManagementSun, Lan 22-Aug-2012
52013J-curve disparity between the goods sector and the services sector: evidence from AustraliaWijeweera, Albert; Dollery, Brian E 16-Oct-2012
62002Spreadsheet Modelling in Corporate FinanceHovey, Martin 19-Nov-2009
72012Reexamine "Cookie Jar" and "Big Bath" Accounting Using the Backing-Out MethodSun, Lan 16-Oct-2012
82015Corporate governance ratings and the dividend payout decisions of Australian corporate firmsYarram, Subba Reddy 30-Apr-2015
92016The Effect of Regulations on Performance of Microfinance Institutions in Promoting Small Business Growth in GhanaQuartey, Joyce Ama; Kotey, Bernice ; Bollen, Bernard27-Jan-2017
102018How numeracy mediates cash flow format preferences: A worldwide studyDonleavy, Gabriel ; Poli, P M; Trepat, J N; Zuelch, H; Conover, T L; Albu, C N; Dahawy, K; Iatridis, G; Kiaptikulwattana, P; Budsaratragoon, P; Klammer, T; Lai, S C28-May-2018

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