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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12017Consumers' post-adoption behaviour towards Internet banking: empirical evidence from AustraliaAdapa, Sujana ; Roy, Sanjit Kumar9-Nov-2017
22014Australian Retail Banking Customers' Perceptions of Time in A Service Recovery ProcessValenzuela-Abaca, Fredy ; Cooksey, Ray W 13-Aug-2014
32010Switching barriers used to retain retail banking customers: Some empirical evidence from a South American countryValenzuela-Abaca, Fredy 20-Aug-2014
42013Exploring Memorable Tourism Experiences: Antecedents and Behavioural OutcomesChandralal, Lalith; Valenzuela, Fredy 27-Jun-2013
52008Discriminant Analysis of Adopters and Non-Adopters of Global Brands: Empirical Evidence From India and MalaysiaAdapa, Sujana 28-Aug-2014
62007Education, election or a tap on the shoulder: The gendered processes of appointment to regional development boardsSheridan, Alison Jane 15-Feb-2010
72016Influencing climate change regulations: examining responses from large-scale firmsRice, John ; Martin, Nigel5-Jan-2016
82001Lessons for Business from BioethicsFisher, JA 2-May-2008
92007Man oh man - looks like a leader to me!Sheridan, Alison Jane ; O'Sullivan, Jane3-Aug-2009
102014Determinants of Saudi Consumers' Willingness to Participate in Cause-Related Marketing (CRM) CampaignsAlharthi, Sager; Valenzuela-Abaca, Fredy ; Fisher, Josie A 21-Oct-2014

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