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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12015Mining and other industry contributions to employment leakage in Australia's Northern TerritoryBlackwell, Boyd ; Fischer, Andy; McFarlane, Jim ; Dollery, Brian E 1-Oct-2015
22015Systemic barriers to wastewater reuse in Australia: some jurisdictional examplesPerraton, S C; Blackwell, Boyd ; Fischer, A; Gaston, T F; Meyers, G D5-Nov-2015
32011A Risk Governance IndexVaidun Vidyadhar, Sujatha; Hovey, Martin 8-May-2012
42007Opportunistic Behaviour, Signalling Mechanism and Efficient Contracting: A Survey of Earnings ManagementRath, Subhrendu; Sun, Lan 7-Oct-2010
52013Beaches as Societal Assets: Council Expenditures, Recreational Returns, and Climate ChangeBlackwell, Boyd ; Raybould, Mike; Lazarow, Neil15-Apr-2013
62006Panel Data Unit Roots Tests Using Various Estimation MethodsHoang, Nam ; McNown, Robert24-Sep-2010
72018The Emergence of Group Dynamics from Contextualised Social Processes: A Complexity-Oriented Grounded-Theory ApproachWolodko, Keith Richard; Cooksey, Ray W ; Sheridan, Alison J18-Jun-2018
82015Innovation Landscape within Family Services Integration: Evidence from AustraliaThomas, Philip; Adapa, Sujana ; Joyce, Barbara King11-Aug-2015
92008The Development of Earnings Management ResearchRath, Subhrendu; Sun, Lan 25-May-2010
102011Making visible the 'space of betweenness': understanding women's limited access to leadership in regional AustraliaSheridan, Alison J ; McKenzie, Fiona; Still, Leonie9-Nov-2011

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