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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12008GTAP Model Analysis of the Economic Effects of an Australia-China FTA: Welfare and Sectoral AspectsSiriwardana, Mahinda ; Yang, Jinmei9-Dec-2009
22010Implications of the COMESA Free Trade Area and the Proposed Customs UnionKaringi, Stephen Njuguna; Siriwardana, Mahinda ; Ronge, Eric E30-Jan-2012
32010The Impact of the 2008 World Financial Crisis on Tourism and the Singapore Economy and Policy Responses: A CGE AnalysisMeng, Xianming ; Siriwardana, Mahinda ; Dollery, Brian E ; Mounter, Stuart 1-Jul-2010
42009Trade Liberalisation and Poverty in Bangladesh: A General Equilibrium ApproachNahar, Bodrun; Siriwardana, Mahinda 8-Sep-2010
52002Impact of Trade Liberalisation on a Multi-Region Economy within an Inter-Regional Game Theoretic FrameworkLiew, LH; Siriwardana, M 12-May-2008
62015Australia's new Free Trade Agreements with Japan and South Korea: Potential Economic and Environmental ImpactsSiriwardana, Mahinda 18-Feb-2016
72008The Australia-China Free Trade Agreement: Do Benefits Exists?Siriwardana, Mahinda ; Yang, Jinmei16-Jul-2009
82003Effects of the Asian Economic Crisis on Singapore and Its Policy Responses: A General Equilibrium AnalysisSiriwardana, Mahinda ; Iddamalgoda, Anoma19-Nov-2010
910-Jul-2019Growth of low emission-intensive energy production and energy impacts in Vietnam under the new regulationNong, Duy; Siriwardana, Mahinda ; Perera, Subashini ; Nguyen, Duong Binh23-Apr-2019
102005Trade Liberalization between Australia, India and South Africa: Prospects for a Dynamic Growth TriangleSiriwardana, Mahinda 27-Jan-2010

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