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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12005More than just a good story: lessons learnt from oral histories of Australian riversBoulton, Andrew J ; Berney, Peter; Panizzon, Debra L 13-Jan-2015
22003Identifying High Academic Potential in Australian Aboriginal Children Using Dynamic TestingChaffey, Grahame ; Bailey, Stanley Brian; Vine, Kenneth William 25-Feb-2010
32005"Drowning by Numbers": The Effectiveness of Learner-Centered Approaches to Teaching Biostatistics in the Environmental Life SciencesPanizzon, Debra L ; Boulton, Andrew 17-Jun-2011
42004Strategies for enhancing the learning of ecological research methods and statistics by tertiary environmental science studentsPanizzon, DL ; Boulton, AJ 12-Nov-2008
52005Explicit knowledge structures as a tool for overcoming obstacles to interdisciplinary researchBoulton, AJ ; Panizzon, DL ; Prior, JC 13-May-2008
62004Is Online on Target?: Successful Science Education in Soil and Water HealthPanizzon, Debra Lee ; Boulton, Andrew John ; Clarke, Catherine; Daniel, Heiko ; Lockwood, Peter Vincent 22-Jan-2010