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1Jul-2019Exposure to Solar UVR Suppresses Cell-Mediated Immunization Responses in Humans: The Australian Ultraviolet Radiation and Immunity StudySwaminathan, Ashwin; Harrison, Simone L; Ketheesan, Natkunam ; van den Boogaard, Christel H A; Dear, Keith; Allen, Martin; Hart, Prue H; Cook, Matthew; Lucas, Robyn M7-May-2019
2Oct-2018Flavonoid quercetin-methotrexate combination inhibits inflammatory mediators and matrix metalloproteinase expression, providing protection to joints in collagen-induced arthritisHaleagrahara, Nagaraja; Hodgson, Kelly; Miranda-Hernandez, Socorro; Hughes, Samuel; Kulur, Anupama Bangra; Ketheesan, Natkunam 11-Mar-2019
3Jun-2018Comparison of a rapid immuno-chromatography assay with a standard ELISA for the detection of IgM and IgG antibodies against dengue virusesMurugananthan, Kalamathy; Coonghe, Pethirupillai A D; Noordeen, Faseeha; Ketheesan, Natkunam 3-Apr-2019
415-Jul-2018Group G Streptococcus Induces an Autoimmune Carditis Mediated by Interleukin 17A and Interferon γ in the Lewis Rat Model of Rheumatic Heart DiseaseSikder, Suchandan; Williams, Natasha L; Sorenson, Alanna E; Alim, Md A; Vidgen, Miranda E; Moreland, Nicole J; Rush, Catherine M; Simpson, Robert S; Govan, Brenda L; Norton, Robert E; Cunningham, Madeleine W; McMillan, David J; Sriprakash, Kadaba S; Ketheesan, Natkunam 11-Mar-2019
52018Redox-sensitive transcription factors play a significant role in the development of rheumatoid arthritisLe Rossignol, Scott; Ketheesan, Natkunam ; Haleagrahara, Nagaraja3-Apr-2019
6Apr-2019Significance of Anti-Myosin Antibody Formation in Patients With Myocardial Infarction: A Prospective Observational StudyO'Donohoe, Tom J; Schrale, Ryan G; Sikder, Suchandan; Surve, Nuzhat; Rudd, Donna; Ketheesan, Natkunam 7-May-2019
7Mar-2018Blood group AB is associated with severe forms of dengue virus infectionMurugananthan, Kalamathy; Subramaniyam, Sivaganesh; Kumanan, Thirunavukarasu; Owens, Leigh; Ketheesan, Natkunam ; Noordeen, Faseeha28-Feb-2019
82017The therapeutic potential of plant flavonoids on rheumatoid arthritisHughes, Samuel D; Ketheesan, Natkunam ; Haleagrahara, Nagaraja4-Jun-2018
92017Anti-mycobacterial function of macrophages is impaired in a diet induced model of type 2 diabetesAlim, Md Abdul; Sikder, Suchandan; Bridson, Tahnee L; Rush, Catherine M; Govan, Brenda L; Ketheesan, Natkunam 4-Jun-2018
102017Therapeutic effect of quercetin in collagen-induced arthritisHaleagrahara, Nagaraja; Miranda-Hernandez, Socorro; Alim, Md Abdul; Hayes, Linda; Bird, Guy; Ketheesan, Natkunam 4-Jun-2018