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12016Rate pressure product in healthy individuals during an acute bout of isometric handgrip exerciseCarlson, Debra; Hess, Nicole ; Inder, Jodie; Athiappan Palanisamy, Suresh K ; McFarlane, James R; Dieberg, Gudrun ; Smart, Neil 7-Jun-2016
22016Blood pressure management - Isometric handgrip exercise reduces hypertensionCarlson, Debra; Inder, Jodie; McFarlane, James R; Dieberg, Gudrun ; Smart, Neil 2-Jun-2016
32011Validity of accelerometry in ambulatory children and adolescents with cerebral palsyClanchy, Kelly ; Tweedy, Sean M; Boyd, Roslyn N; Trost, Stewart G3-Dec-2014
42013Effects of α-lipoic Acid on mtDNA Damage after Isolated Muscle ContractionsFogarty, Mark C; de Vito, Giuseppe ; Hughes, Ciara M; Burke, George; Brown, John C; McEneny, Jane; Brown, David; McClean, Conor; Davison, Gareth W15-Jan-2015
52013Exercise Prescription in the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Current Practices, Existing Guidelines and Future DirectionsO'Hagan, Ciara; de Vito, Giuseppe ; Boreham, Colin A G15-Jan-2015
62010Exercise & Sports Science Australia Position Statement on exercise training and chronic heart failureSelig, Steve E; Levinger, Itamar; Williams, Andrew D; Smart, Neil ; Holland, David J; Maiorana, Andrew; Green, Daniel J; Hare, David L13-Sep-2011
72008Anthropometric and Strength Variables to Predict Freestyle Performance Times in Elite Master SwimmersZampagni, Maria L; Casino, Daniela; Benelli, Piero; Visani, Andrea; Marcacci, Maurilio; de Vito, Giuseppe 15-Jan-2015
82010Effects of altered muscle temperature on neuromuscular properties in young and older womenDewhurst, Susan; Macaluso, Andrea; Gizzi, Leonardo; Felici, Francesco; Farina, Dario; de Vito, Giuseppe 15-Jan-2015
92012Divergence of intracellular and extracellular HSP72 in type 2 diabetes: does fat matter?Rodrigues-Krause, Josianne; Krause, Mauricio; O'Hagan, Ciara; de Vito, Giuseppe ; Boreham, Colin; Murphy, Colin; Newsholme, Philip; Colleran, Gerard15-Jan-2015
102013Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Can Elicit Aerobic Exercise Response Without Undue Discomfort in Healthy Physically Active AdultsCrognale, Domenico; de Vito, Giuseppe ; Grossert, Jean-Francois; Crowe, Louis; Minogue, Conor; Caulfield, Brian15-Jan-2015