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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
12017Lack of association between PBMC telomere length and endurance exerciseDenham, Joshua 
22016Muscle-Enriched MicroRNAs Isolated from Whole Blood Are Regulated by Exercise and Are Potential Biomarkers of Cardiorespiratory FitnessDenham, Joshua ; Prestes, Priscilla R
32016Telomere Length Maintenance and Cardio-Metabolic Disease Prevention Through Exercise TrainingDenham, Joshua ; O'Brien, Brendan J; Charchar, Fadi J
42017Commentary on aerobic versus isometric handgrip exercise in hypertension: A randomized controlled trialSmart, Neil ; Carlson, Debra J; Swaine, Ian; McGowan, Cheri
52016Aortic augmentation index in endurance athletes: a role for cardiorespiratory fitnessDenham, Joshua ; Brown, Nicholas J; Tomaszewski, Maciej; Williams, Bryan; O'Brien, Brendan J; Charchar, Fadi J
62016Epigenetic changes in leukocytes after 8 weeks of resistance exercise trainingDenham, Joshua ; Marques, Francine Z; Bruns, Emma L; O'Brien, Brendan J; Charchar, Fadi J
72016Energetic and Metabolic Power Demands of National Rugby League Match-PlayCummins, Cloe ; Gray, Adrian ; Shorter, Kathleen ; Halaki, M; Orr, R
82012Neuromuscular, biochemical and perceptual post-match fatigue in professional rugby league forwards and backsTwist, Craig; Waldron, Mark ; Highton, Jamie; Burt, Dean; Daniels, Matthew
92017The effect of exercise training on liver function in overweight adults: A systematic review and meta-analysisSmart, Neil ; King, Nicola; McFarlane, James R; Graham, Petra; Dieberg, Gudrun 
102013Response to Commentary "Efficacy of inspiratory muscle training in chronic heart failure patients"Smart, Neil ; Giallauria, Francesco ; Dieberg, Gudrun