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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
12007Is there a future for handwritten shorthand?Leedham, Graham 
22005On-line Recognition of Pitman Shorthand for Fast Mobile Text EntryYang, Ma; Leedham, Graham ; Higgins, Colin; Htwe, Swe Myo
32004Content-Based Retrieval for A Database of Function Approximated Kamon ImagesKwan, Paul Hing ; Wada, Koichi; Otsu, Nobuyuki; Toraichi, Kazuo
42007Study of forensic features used for English script and their applicability to Bengali scriptUtpal, Garain; Pervouchine, Vladimir; Leedham, Graham 
52005Content-based Retrieval of Kamon Images by Image Smoothing and RelaxationTachikawa, Takayuki; Kameyama, Keisuke; Kawabe, Tohru; Toraichi, Kazuo; Otsu, Nobuyuki; Kurita, Takio; Kwan, Paul Hing 
62006Gray-Scale Skeletonization of Thermal Vein Patterns Using the Watershed Algorithm in Vein Pattern BiometricsWang, Lingyu; Leedham, Graham 
72005Critical Technological Issues of Commercializing a Pitman Shorthand Recognition SystemYang, Ma; Leedham, Graham ; Higgins, Colin; Htwe, Swe Myo
82004A Method for High Precision Enlargement of Pictures taken by Cellular Phone on Personal ComputerOhmiya, Yasuhiro; Katagishi, Kazuki; Kwan, Paul Hing ; Toraichi, Kazuo; Matsumura, Atsushi; Kawada, Ryoichi; Koike, Atsushi; Murakami, Hitomi
92002Morlet Wavelet Based Human Head and Face Boundary ExtractionZhang, Liming; Lenders, Patrick Madeleine
102007Study of Structural features of handwritten grapheme 'th' for writer identificationPervouchine, Vladimir; Leedham, Graham