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12017Modelling spatiotemporal patterns of dubas bug infestations on date palms in northern Oman: A geographical information system case studyAl-Kindi, Khalifa M; Kwan, Paul H ; Andrew, Nigel R ; Welch, Mitchell 31-May-2017
22018Merger and acquisition pricing using agent based modellingAgarwal, Nipun; Kwan, Paul ; Paul, David 28-Mar-2018
32017The Asymptotically Flat Scalar-Flat Yamabe Problem with BoundaryMcCormick, Steve 5-Jul-2017
42007Student proof exercises using MathsTiles and isabelle/HOL in an intelligent bookBillingsley, William ; Robinson, Peter24-Jan-2018
52002Partially Integrable Almost CR Manifolds of CR Dimension and Codimension TwoCap, A; Schmalz, G 24-Sep-2008
62008Developing assessment items to measure tertiary students' reasoning about explained and unexplained variabilityReid, Jacqueline ; Reading, Christine Elizabeth ; Ellem, Bernard 11-Jan-2010
72004On the profile of solutions for an elliptic problem arising in nonlinear opticsCao, Daomin; Noussair, Ezzat S; Yan, Shusen 19-Apr-2010
82005Diffusivity for diffusion between e and g interstitial sites in the C15 AB₂ structureSholl, C21-Apr-2008
92003A ∂∂-Poincaré Lemma for forms near an isolated complex singularityHarris, A ; Tonegawa, Y18-Aug-2008
102004Evidence for an Interaction between CB₁ Cannabinoid and Melanocortin MCR-4 Receptors in Regulating Food IntakeVerty, Aaron N; McFarlane, James Robert; McGregor, Iain; Mallet, Paul Emile10-Dec-2009