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12011Value-adding to cellulosic ethanol: Lignin polymersDoherty, William Orlando Sinclair; Mousavioun, Payam; Fellows, Christopher 26-Jul-2011
22009Effect of Poly(acrylic acid) End-Group Functionality on Inhibition of Calcium Oxalate Crystal GrowthWallace, Andrew ; Al-Hamzah, Ali; East, Christopher; Doherty, William Orlando Sinclair; Fellows, Christopher 6-Apr-2010
32009Effect of Poly(acrylic acid) Molecular Mass and End-Group Functionality on Calcium Oxalate Crystal Morphology and GrowthEast, Christopher; Wallace, Andrew ; Al-Hamzah, Ali; Doherty, William Orlando Sinclair; Fellows, Christopher 6-Apr-2010
42011Can variation in durum wheat pasta protein and starch composition affect in vitro starch hydrolysis?Aravind, Nisha ; Sissons, Mike ; Fellows, Christopher 26-Jul-2011
52010Quality of Fibre-Enriched Spaghetti Containing Microbial TransglutaminaseSissons, Michael; Aravind, Nisha ; Fellows, Christopher 6-Apr-2010
62004Synthesis and Structure: Property Relations of Latexes Comprising Graft Copolymers between Telechelic Polybutadiene and Dodecyl MethacrylatePham, Binh T T; Gilbert, Robert G; Fellows, Christopher 30-Apr-2010
72013Aspects of the kinetics and solubility of silica and calcium oxalate composites in sugar solutionsEast, Christopher Paul; Fellows, Chris ; Doherty, William Orlando Sinclair13-Feb-2014
82017The Contribution of IUPAC to Polymer Science EducationChan, Chin Han; Fellows, Chris ; Hess, Michael; Hiorns, Roger C; Hoven, Voravee P; Russell, Gregory T; dos Santos, Claudio G; Sturcova, Adriana; Theato, Patrick5-Jan-2018
92015A comparative study of novel scale inhibitors with commercial scale inhibitors used in seawater desalinationAl-Hamzah, Ali; Fellows, Chris 16-Jan-2015
102007Methodologies for symmetrical-flow field-flow fractionation analysis of polymeric gluteninDaqiq, Laila; Fellows, Christopher ; Bekes, Ferenc; Lees, Edith6-Nov-2009