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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12012Phase-contrast X-ray tomography using Teague's methodBaillie, Thomas; Gureyev, Timur ; Schmalz, Jelena; Pavlov, Konstantin M 12-Jul-2012
22014Darwin's approach to X-ray diffraction on lateral crystalline structuresPunegov, Vasily I; Kolosov, Sergey I; Pavlov, Konstantin M 8-Jan-2014
32017Applications of dynamical theory of X-ray diffraction by perfect crystals to reciprocal space mappingPunegov, Vasily I; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Karpov, Andrey V; Faleev, Nikolai N3-Jan-2018
42008Simultaneous acquisition of dual analyser-based contrast X-ray images for small animal imagingKitchen, Marcus J; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Hooper, Stuart B; Vine, David J; Siu, Karen K W; Wallace, Megan J; Siew, Melissa L L; Yagi, Naoto; Uesugi, Kentaro; Lewis, Rob A19-Jan-2010
52006Theory of X-Ray Diffraction on a Lateral Crystal with Elastically Bent Lattice PlanesPunegov, V I; Kolosov, S I; Pavlov, Konstantin M 19-Jan-2010
62010X-ray phase, absorption and scatter retrieval using two or more phase contrast imagesKitchen, Marcus J; Paganin, David M; Uesugi, Kentaro; Allison, Beth J; Lewis, Robert A; Hooper, Stuart B; Pavlov, Konstantin M 29-Sep-2010
72005An improvement to the diffraction-enhanced imaging method that permits imaging of dynamic systemsSiu, K K W; Kitchen, M J; Pavlov, K M ; Gillam, J E; Lewis, R A; Uesegi, K; Yagi, N19-Jan-2010
82009Ga droplet morphology on GaAs(001) studied by Lloyd's mirror photoemission electron microscopyTang, W X; Jesson, D E; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Morgan, M J; Usher, B F10-Mar-2010
92005Synchrotron supported DEI/KES of a brain tumor in an animal model: The search for a microimaging modalityMannan, K A; Schulltke, E; Chapman, D; Rigon, L; Griebel, R W; Menk, R H; Siu, K; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Kelly, M; McLoughlin, G; Beveridge, T; Tromba, G; Juurlink, B H19-Jan-2010
102005Absorption edge subtraction imaging for volumetric measurement in an animal model of malignant brain tumorRigley, S; Rigon, L; Barroso, R C; Beveridge, T; Lewis, R; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Siu, K; Hall, C; Schültke, E; Ataelmannan, K; Chapman, D; Doucette, R; Griebel, R; Juurlink, B; Arfelli, F; Menk, R; Tromba, G19-Jan-2010