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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12005Paternity analysis using microsatellite markers to identify pollen donors in an olive groveMookerjee, Sonali; Guerin, Jenny; Collins, Graham; Ford, Chris; Sedgley, Margaret 10-May-2010
22013Canopy management strategies for macadamia ('Macadamia integrifolia', 'M. integrifolia' x 'M. tetraphylla')McFadyen, Lisa Maree; Kristiansen, Paul ; Sedgley, Margaret ; Olesen, Trevor 15-Nov-2013
32008High resolution melting analysis of almond SNPs derived from ESTsWu, Shu-Biao ; Wirtensohn, Michelle G.; Hunt, Peter; Gibson, John Paul ; Sedgley, Margaret 9-Nov-2009
42006Update on long-term cryopreservation of almond germplasmWithensohn, M; Collins, G; Channuntapipat, C; Sedgley, Margaret 25-May-2010
52008A seed coat cyanohydrin glucosyltransferase is associated with bitterness in almond ('Prunus dulcis') kernelsFranks, Tricia K; Yadollahi, Abbas; Wirthensohn, Michelle G; Guerin, Jennifer R; Kaiser, Brent N; Sedgley, Margaret ; Ford, Christopher M29-Oct-2009
62006Concentration and Duration of Ethylene Treatment Influences the Response of Banana to 1-MethylcyclopropeneMoradinezhad, F; Able, A J; Sedgley, Margaret ; Klieber, A16-Apr-2010
72006Selection of novel hybrid eucalyptsDelaporte, Kate; Sedgley, Margaret 12-May-2010
82005Outcrossing in interspecific hybrids between 'Eucalyptus spathulata' and 'E. platypus'Wallwork, M. A. B.; Sedgley, Margaret 30-Oct-2009
92002Sexual compatibility within and between olive cultivarsWu, S ; Collins, G; Sedgley, M 5-May-2008
102012High Levels of Genetic Contamination in Remnant Populations of 'Acacia saligna' from a Genetically Divergent Planted StandMillar, Melissa A; Byrne, Margaret; Nuberg, Ian K; Sedgley, Margaret 31-Mar-2014