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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Improving the computational efficiency of an agent-based spatiotemporal model of livestock disease spread and controlBradhurst, Richard A; Roche, S E; East, I J; Kwan, Paul H ; Garner, M G
22012An AFIS Candidate List Centric Fingerprint Likelihood Ratio Model Based on Morphometric and Spatial Analyses (MSA)Abraham, Joshua; Kwan, Paul H ; Champod, Christophe; Lennard, Chris; Roux, Claude
32013Finite Impulse Response Double Density Filter Banks and FrameletsJayawardena, Ashoka ; Kwan, Paul H 
42004Content-Based Retrieval for A Database of Function Approximated Kamon ImagesKwan, Paul Hing ; Wada, Koichi; Otsu, Nobuyuki; Toraichi, Kazuo
52005A Collocated Approach for Coexistence Resolution in Wireless Home NetworkingIslam, Md Enamul; Jha, Sanjay; Kwan, Paul Hing ; Rahman, Monzurur
62014A parallel model of independent component analysis constrained by a 5-parameter reference curve and its solution by multi-target particle swarm optimizationCui, Lizhi; Ling, Zhihao; Poon, Josiah; Poon, Simon; Chen, Hao; Gao, Junbin; Kwan, Paul H ; Fan, Kei
72006A Multi-step Strategy for Approximate Similarity Search in Image DatabasesKwan, Paul Hing ; Gao, Junbin
82005Content-based Retrieval of Kamon Images by Image Smoothing and RelaxationTachikawa, Takayuki; Kameyama, Keisuke; Kawabe, Tohru; Toraichi, Kazuo; Otsu, Nobuyuki; Kurita, Takio; Kwan, Paul Hing 
92004A Method for High Precision Enlargement of Pictures taken by Cellular Phone on Personal ComputerOhmiya, Yasuhiro; Katagishi, Kazuki; Kwan, Paul Hing ; Toraichi, Kazuo; Matsumura, Atsushi; Kawada, Ryoichi; Koike, Atsushi; Murakami, Hitomi
102012Parallel Evolutionary Computation in RGondro, Cedric ; Kwan, Paul H