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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12011The Lockerbie Bombing, December 21, 1988Galloway, Graeme; Mallett, Xanthe 17-Apr-2012
22011Operation Lund - Morecambe Bay Cockling Disaster, February 5, 2004Brunskill, Steve; Mallett, Xanthe 17-Apr-2012
32011Disaster Victim Identification: Experience and PracticeBlack, Sue; Sunderland, Graham; Hackman, S Lucina; Mallett, Xanthe 17-Apr-2012
42011Sex DeterminationDawson, Charlotte; Ross, Duncan; Mallett, Xanthe 17-Apr-2012
52011The Hillsborough Football Stadium Disaster, April 15, 1989Barron, David; Mallett, Xanthe 17-Apr-2012
62011Rail IncidentsWalker, Graham; Mallett, Xanthe 17-Apr-2012
72011The 'Marchioness' Riverboat Disaster, August 20, 1989Walker, Graham; Mallett, Xanthe 17-Apr-2012
82011London Bus and Underground Bombings, July 7, 2005Walker, Graham; Mallett, Xanthe 17-Apr-2012
92012Policing Migration in NSW: An Analysis of Onshore Migration Policing NetworksWeber, Leanne; Wilson, Amanda; Wise, Jenny ; McGovern, Alyce 2-Jul-2013
102013Forensic Facial Comparison: Issues of Admissibility in the Development of Novel Analytical TechniqueMallett, Xanthe ; Evison, Martin12-Jul-2013