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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12010Nationality claims: Language analysis and asylum casesEades, Diana 26-May-2011
22012Just Spaces: Community Legal Centres as levelling places of lawBlair, Megan; Harris, Bridget 4-Feb-2016
32010Sociolinguistics and the Legal ProcessEades, Diana 12-May-2011
42014Behavioral Consistency, the Homology Assumption, and the Problems of InductionPetherick, Wayne; Ferguson, Claire 3-Oct-2013
52014Staged Crime Scenes - Literature and TypesFerguson, Claire 3-Oct-2013
62014Investigative RelevanceFerguson, Claire 4-Oct-2013
72016Discursive Constructions of Consent in the Legal ProcessEhrlich, Susan; Eades, Diana ; Ainsworth, Janet1-Sep-2016
82016Introduction: Linguistic and Discursive Dimensions of ConsentEhrlich, Susan; Eades, Diana 1-Sep-2016
92016Erasing Context in the Courtroom Construal of ConsentEades, Diana 1-Sep-2016
102006Interviewing and Examining Vulnerable WitnessesEades, Diana 29-Jul-2011