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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12015Timing in response-initiated fixed intervalsFox, Adam E; Kyonka, Elizabeth 10-Jan-2018
22013Pigeon responding in fixed-interval and response-initiated fixed-interval schedulesFox, Adam E; Kyonka, Elizabeth 10-Jan-2018
32011Effects of Merino flock size, paddock complexity and time of day on response to trained leadersTaylor, Donnalee B ; Price, Ian ; Brown, Wendy ; Hinch, Geoffrey 3-Aug-2011
42008Maternal Influence on Grass-Eating Behaviour in PuppiesBjone, Samantha; Brown, Wendy ; Price, Ian 29-Nov-2011
52009Maternal Influence on Grass-Eating Behavior in PuppiesBjone, Samantha; Brown, Wendy ; Price, Ian 3-Feb-2010
62010Rapid Acquisition of Choice and Timing and the Provenance of the Terminal-Link EffectKyonka, Elizabeth ; Grace, Randolph C16-Feb-2018
72008Rapid Acquisition of Preference in Concurrent Chains When Alternatives Differ on Multiple Dimensions of ReinforcementKyonka, Elizabeth ; Grace, Randolph C17-Feb-2018
82008The matching law and effects of reinforcer rate and magnitude on choice in transitionKyonka, Elizabeth 17-Feb-2018
92005Empirical tests of “Take-the-Best” with non-human subjectsKyonka, Elizabeth ; Church, Russell M16-Feb-2018
102017Pigeons Choose to Gamble in a Categorical Discrimination TaskRice, Nathaniel; Kyonka, Elizabeth 16-Mar-2018