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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12006Comparative Cultural Salience: Measures Using Free List DataThompson, Eric C; Zhang, Juan 30-Oct-2014
22007Ageing and the prevention of falls and injuries: A study for NSW HealthOwen, John Robert; Hawkes, Gail 16-Feb-2010
32008The matching law and effects of reinforcer rate and magnitude on choice in transitionKyonka, Elizabeth 17-Feb-2018
42006Understanding Development Governance: Concepts, Institutions, and ProcessesZafarullah, HM ; Huque, AS16-May-2008
52002How Social is Internet Communication?: A Reappraisal of Bandwidth and Anonymity EffectsWatt, SE ; Lea, M; Spears, R10-Jun-2008
62007Progress in Sustainable Rural DevelopmentSorensen, Anthony 25-Feb-2010
72006Introduction: Challenges of Governing DevelopmentShafiqul Huque, Ahmed; Zafarullah, Habib Mohammad 22-Feb-2010
82005Sex and SocietyHawkes, G ; Scott, J 10-Jun-2008
92005Naughty but Nice, Or Never on Sundays: Sex and Sin, Past and PresentHawkes, Gail 10-Jun-2008
102003Command Style and Team Performance in Dynamic Decision-Making TasksClancy, JM; Elliot, GC; Ley, T; Omodei, MM; Wearing, AJ; McLennan, J; Thorsteinsson, EB 18-Jun-2008

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