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12010The Role of Absorption, Fantasy Proneness and Hypnosis in Response to TraumaLoi, Natasha ; Jamieson, Graham 25-Jul-2011
22005Differing Roles Of Imagination And Hypnosis In Self-Regulation Of Eating BehaviourHutchinson-Phillips, Susan; Jamieson, Graham ; Gow, Kathryn3-Dec-2009
32007Hypnotizability, Eating Behaviors, Attitudes, and Concerns: A Literature SurveyHutchinson-Phillips, Susan; Gow, Kathryn; Jamieson, Graham 7-Dec-2009
42004Relations between Hypnotizability And Psychopathology RevisitedGruzelier, John; De Pascalis, Vilfredo; Jamieson, Graham ; Laidlaw, Tannis; Naito, Akira; Bennett, Bryan; Dwivedi, Prabudha1-Dec-2009
52013A Systems Level Neuroscience Approach to Mediumship and the Source-of-Psi ProblemJamieson, Graham ; Rock, Adam John 8-May-2015
62013Operationalizing Psi-Conducive Altered States: Integrating Insights from Consciousness Studies into ParapsychologyRock, Adam John ; Friedman, Harris L; Jamieson, Graham 11-May-2015
72013The Future of the Field of MediumshipAlvarado, Carlos S; Beischel, Julie; Locke, Rafael G; Peres, Jose F P; Rock, Adam John ; Jamieson, Graham ; Roxburgh, Elizabeth C; Roe, Chris A; Sudduth, Michael; Wilson, Krissy; Boccuzzi, Mark; May, Edwin C; Braude, Stephen E; Hageman, Joan H; Krippner, Stanley; Harris, Kylie; Jinks, Tony; Kaminker, Jacob8-May-2015
82009Hypnosis, Absorption and the Neurobiology of Self-RegulationJamieson, Graham 5-Feb-2013
92005The Modified Tellegen Absorption Scale: A Clearer Window On The Structure And Meaning Of AbsorptionJamieson, Graham 14-Dec-2009
102012Neurosurgery and consciousness: historical sketch and future possibilitiesHasegawa, Harutomo; Jamieson, Graham ; Ashkan, Keyoumars6-Jun-2013