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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12009Counterfactuals and Corrective Justice: Legal History and Allan Beever’s 'Rediscovering the Law of Negligence'Lunney, Mark 31-Mar-2010
22005Personal responsibility and the 'new' volentiLunney, M 1-Aug-2008
32004Good Samaritans and volunteersEburn, Michael Ernest17-Jul-2009
42003Occupiers and Obvious RisksLunney, Mark 31-Jul-2009
52009False Imprisonment, Fare Dodging and Federation: Mr Robertson’s Evening OutLunney, Mark 9-Mar-2010
62007Civil litigation and repressed memory syndrome: How does forgetting impact on child sexual abuse cases?Werren, Julia Catherine 5-Aug-2009
72006Should Paternity be Linked to Sexual Intercourse?Eburn, Michael Ernest16-Aug-2009
82008Litigation for failure to warn of natural hazards and community resilienceEburn, Michael E19-Nov-2009
92003The Structure and Strength of the Propensity Inference: Singularity, Linkage and the other EvidenceHamer, David Acton1-May-2009
102007Ambulance Service of NSW v Worley: further legal lessons for the emergency servicesEburn, Michael Ernest25-May-2009