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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12010Wrongful birth and Sullivan v Gordon damages claims: An argument for consistency and reform in New South WalesTabolt, Katie; Werren, Julia C 2-May-2011
22007Civil litigation and repressed memory syndrome: How does forgetting impact on child sexual abuse cases?Werren, Julia Catherine 5-Aug-2009
32012Avoiding a fate worse than death: An argument for legalising voluntary physician-based euthanasiaWerren, Julia C ; Yuksel, Necef; Smith, Saxon11-Sep-2012
42008Public expectations of health professionals when patients telephone for medical adviceSmith, S; Werren, Julia Catherine 19-May-2009
52005Advocates' Immunity: Finality reigns supremeWerren, JC ; Williamson, AL 23-May-2008
62006Advocates' Immunity: What makes Australian lawyers so special?Werren, JC ; Williamson, AL 13-Jun-2008
72006Law, Pregnancy and SportWerren, Julia C 29-Mar-2012
82004Cole v South Tweed Heads Rugby League Club Ltd: (2004) 78 ALJR 933Lunney, M ; Werren, JC 30-Jun-2008