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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12002'Marriage Disputes in Medieval England' by Frederik Pedersen: Hambledon Press, 2000, vii–xi + 235pp (hardback £25), ISBN 1 85285 198 8Lunney, Mark 23-Jul-2009
22-Nov-2015Guest Editorial: World Indigenous Legal Conference 2014 – Special ForumBurns, Marcelle 29-Apr-2019
32009Indigenous Australians and a National Charter of Human Rights: Issues for ConsiderationChenery, Terry; Cubillo, Eddie; Burns, Marcelle ; Price, Bess Nungarrayi; Anthony, Thalia; Davis, Megan29-Apr-2019
42005Stress At Work: To Tell or Not to Tell?Lunney, Mark 20-May-2009
52007Criminal Law: AscertainabilityWright, Frances29-Nov-2011
62004A right old messLunney, Mark 20-May-2009
72002The Price of Responsible Parenting?Lunney, Mark 10-Jul-2009
82005Pitcairn - the saga continuesWright, Frances24-Jan-2012
92001Never say never againLunney, Mark 10-Jul-2009
102004Cole v South Tweed Heads Rugby League Club Ltd: (2004) 78 ALJR 933Lunney, M ; Werren, JC 30-Jun-2008