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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12002Hewart, Gordon (1870-1943)Lunney, Mark 23-Feb-2010
22004Sir Samuel Harold BrownLunney, Mark 12-Feb-2010
32011Soil Conservation LegislationBoer, Ben; Hannam, Ian 7-Oct-2014
42002Cozens-Hardy, Herbert Hardy (1838-192o)Lunney, Mark 23-Feb-2010
52004Crocker, Sir William Charles (1886-1973)Lunney, Mark 16-Jul-2009
62002Legal ProfessionLunney, Mark 23-Feb-2010
72002Alverstone, 1st viscount (1842-1915)Lunney, Mark 23-Feb-2010
82004Slaughter, Sir William Capel (1857-1917)Lunney, Mark 17-Jul-2009
92002Pollock, Ernest Murray (1861-1936)Lunney, Mark 23-Feb-2010
102002Greene, Wilfred Arthur (1883-1952)Lunney, Mark 23-Feb-2010