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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12016Editorial: Technological challenges and opportunities: the future of lawSimpson, Brian H ; Murphy, Maria10-Feb-2016
22014A new partial defence for the mercy killer: revisiting loss of controlLivings, Ben7-Jun-2017
32016Community-Investor Environmental Conflicts: Should and Could They Be Arbitrated?Radavoi, Ciprian N 15-Mar-2019
42014Food and sustainability: the regulation of biotechnologyPerry, Mark 13-Nov-2014
52013Deep Pockets, Packets, and HarborsMargoni, Thomas; Perry, Mark 23-Dec-2013
62014Francis Palgrave and the Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Racial Distribution in Britain: Nineteenth-Century Thought and (recent) DNA Evidence and it's SignificanceStuckey, Michael 4-Feb-2015
72017International and Transnational Regulation of Private Security Services: Effective Complementarity?Quirico, Ottavio 30-May-2019
82013The World Trade Organization Obligations and Legislative Policy: Choices in Developing Countries for BiotechnologyKarky, Ramesh; Perry, Mark 30-Apr-2015
92013Adaptive Co-Management Thresholds: Understanding Protected Areas Policy as Normative ConflictLiljeblad, Jonathan7-Apr-2014
102013Rural Masculinities and the Internalisation of Violence in Agricultural CommunitiesCarrington, Kerry; McIntosh, Alison F; Hogg, Russell G ; Scott, John 28-Apr-2014