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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Apr-2019The Global Climate Regime and Transitional Justice by Sonja Klinsky and Jasmina Brankovic [Routledge, London and New York, NY, 2018, 196pp, ISBN: 978-0-415-78602-7, £115 (h/bk)]Quirico, Ottavio 30-May-2019
22019Australian Uniform Evidence LawHum, Fiona; Jackman, Bronwen ; Quirico, Ottavio ; Urbas, Gregor; Werren, Kip 29-May-2019
32019International 'Criminal' Responsibility: AntinomiesQuirico, Ottavio 30-May-2019
411-Mar-2019Secrets to Cultural Identity; legal and institutional mechanisms to better support Torres Strait Islanders to maintain their cultural secretsMcLaughlin, Christopher Neil; Martin, Paul ; Perry, Mark ; Williams, Jacqueline 20-May-2019
5Apr-2019Innovation in the Shadows of Deference: Urban Environment and the Law of Tort in Australia, 1901-1945Lunney, Mark 8-Aug-2019
62019Shipping Companies’ Accountability in Ballast Water-induced Pollution RegulationIslam, Md Tarikul; Kuruppu, Sanjaya; Rahim, Mia Mahmudur 22-Aug-2019
7Jun-2019Nanomedicine regulation in AustraliaRahim, Mia M 22-Aug-2019
8Jun-2019Using human behaviour change strategy to improve the management of invasive speciesMcLeod, Lynette J ; Please, Patricia M ; Hine, Donald W 22-Aug-2019
92019Social Responsibilities of the Global Pharmaceutical Companies: Towards an Ethical Health Care ParadigmKanwar, Abhay Vir Singh; Rahim, Mia Mahmudur 30-Aug-2019
102019A conceptual framework for exploring voluntary stewardship programs for land managers as a tool of New Environmental GovernanceLawson, Andrew 27-Jun-2019

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