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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12012Can timber and water resources be sustainably co-developed in south-eastern New South Wales, Australia?Webb, Ashley Adrian 4-Jul-2013
22012Temporary increases in suspended sediment yields following selective eucalypt forest harvestingWebb, Ashley Adrian ; Dragovich, Deirdre; Jamshidi, Reza4-Jul-2013
32012Autonomy, Consent and the Criminalisation of Assisted DyingLivings, Ben15-Sep-2014
42012Breaking the Boundaries: The right of children and young people to be active participants in constructing rural and regional communitiesSimpson, Brian H 24-Sep-2014
52012The Transexual Or Transgendered Child: Can A Family Court Get It Right?Simpson, Brian H 24-Sep-2014
62012Thinking like a lawyer/acting like a professional: communities of practice as a means of challenging orthodox legal educationBaron, Paula; Corbin, Lillian 23-Jul-2013
72012Student engagement: rhetoric and realityBaron, Paula; Corbin, Lillian 24-Jul-2013
82012Sexting And the Child's Right to Play: The Uncomfortable Use of Technology To Reconstruct ChildhoodSimpson, Brian H 24-Sep-2014
92012Clarifying Privacy in the CloudsRamachandran, Karthick; Margoni, Thomas; Perry, Mark 12-Aug-2013
102012Disentangling Climate Change Governance: A Legal PerspectiveQuirico, Ottavio 7-Aug-2013

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