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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12011Regional Innovation: Strategic Development Community Based Innovation in the Northern Inland Region of NSWThomas, Philip ; Fortunato, Michael; Adapa, Sujana ; Davies, Elizabeth; Alter, Theodore 7-Jan-2015
22011Harmonising Australia's Environmental Laws: Scoping of Harmonisation of Environmental Regulation and Regulatory Practice across Jurisdictions in AustraliaBartel, Robyn ; Martin, Paul ; Stone, Christopher D ; White, Rob; Hackenberg, Diane18-Aug-2014
32011Lessons for Environmental Harmonization: A Rising Tide That Lifts All Boats?Bartel, Robyn ; Stone, Christopher D 4-May-2012
42011Breach of Statutory DutyClarke, Andrew; Devereaux, John; Werren, Julia C 24-May-2012
52011Die "Commerce-Clause" der australischen Bundesverfassung - Der Binnenmarkt in AustralienBrohmer, Jurgen 22-Jul-2013
62011Social networking, inappropriate conduct and making friends: constructing online identities within teacher and student relationships in the age of FacebookSimpson, Brian H 24-Sep-2014
72011Transboundary Resource Management Strategies in the Pamir Mountain Region of Tajikistan: Post-Conflict Peace Building through Natural Resource Management in the High Pamir and Pamir-Alai Mountain RegionHannam, Ian 25-May-2012
82011Legal Snapshot: Reasons for a Court HierarchyCorbin, Lillian 23-Jul-2013
92011DamagesClarke, Andrew; Devereaux, John; Werren, Julia C 24-May-2012
102011Challenging Childhood, Challenging Children: Children's Rights OnlineSimpson, Brian H 24-Sep-2014

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