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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12009"The scourge of residential streets": The Legal (Mis)Construction of Street Racing as Anti-social BehaviourSimpson, Brian H 11-Aug-2010
22011Evaluation of alternative feedback mechanisms on student engagement with assessment feedbackColbran, Stephen31-Jan-2012
32010The Extension of Therapeutic Jurisprudence to Testamentary Competency and Substitute Decision-Making in the Australian ContextPurser, Kelly; Magner, Eilis; Madison, Jeanne 2-May-2011
42008Let us not be guided by outdated copyright treatiesPerry, Mark 30-Sep-2014
52011Scientific and Critical Editions of Public Domain Works: An Example of European Copyright Law (Dis)HarmonizationMargoni, Thomas; Perry, Mark 7-Aug-2013
62011Whither Non-proximate communicationsPerry, Mark 16-Aug-2013
72011Knowledge Policy for the 21st Century: A Legal PerspectivePerry, Mark ; Fitzgerald, Brian13-Aug-2013
82010SCC clarifies areas of challenge for selection patentsPerry, Mark 20-Aug-2013
92009Genetically modified organisms: Why we need a transparent system of regulationPerry, Mark 20-Aug-2013
102010Rethinking the teaching of lawWerren, Julia C 21-Aug-2013

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