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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12007Heresy and the Question of Hussites in the Southern Netherlands (1411-1431)Fudge, Thomas 20-Nov-2013
22005Seduced by the Theologians: Aeneas Sylvius and the Hussite HereticsFudge, Thomas 22-Jul-2013
32008The Magnificent Ride: The First Reformation in Hussite BohemiaFudge, Thomas 30-Jul-2013
42000Crime, Punishment and Pacifism in the Thought of Bishop Mikuláš of Pelhřimov, 1420-1452Fudge, Thomas 19-Dec-2013
52004"More Glory than Blood": Murder and Martyrdom in the Hussite CrusadesFudge, Thomas 19-Dec-2013
61998Reform and the Lower Consistory in Prague, 1437-1497Fudge, Thomas 19-Dec-2013
71996The 'Law of God': Reform and Religious Practice in Late Medieval BohemiaFudge, Thomas 19-Dec-2013
82007Želivskýs Head: Memory and New Martyrs Among the HussitesFudge, Thomas 19-Dec-2013
92002"Feel This!" Jan Hus and the Preaching of ReformationFudge, Thomas 19-Dec-2013
101997Icarus of Basel? Oecolampadius and the Early Swiss ReformationFudge, Thomas 18-Oct-2012