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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12007Heresy and the Question of Hussites in the Southern Netherlands (1411-1431)Fudge, Thomas 20-Nov-2013
22013The Rule of St Basil in Latin and English: A Revised Critical EditionSilvas, Anna M 22-Nov-2013
32016The Gospel of Truth: Christology, Deification and the Kingdom of GodJohnson, Peter Charles; Dillon, Matthew ; McLean, Lesley ; Garland, Lynda; Franzmann, Majella16-Nov-2017
41996Review of Halkin, Léon-E., 'Erasmus: a critical biography', trans. John Tonkin, Oxford and Cambridge Mass., Blackwell, 1994: rpt; paper; pp. xv, 360; R.R.P. AUS $45.00 [distributed in Australia by Allen and Unwin].Ryan, John S 27-Nov-2015
51972IntroductionRyan, John S 7-Dec-2015
62015A Critical Reading of the Writings of John Shelby Spong: With a Focus on His Treatment of the Resurrection in Early ChristianityLilley, Gordon Mitford; Garland, Lynda; Forrest, Peter ; Dillon, Matthew 6-Jan-2016
72005The Asketikon of St Basil the GreatSilvas, AM 5-Aug-2008
82005Seduced by the Theologians: Aeneas Sylvius and the Hussite HereticsFudge, Thomas 22-Jul-2013
92008Macrina the Younger, Philosopher of GodSilvas, Anna Margaret 11-Aug-2009
102010The Gospel Manuscript TraditionCharlesworth, Scott 30-May-2011

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