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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12009Razor ArgumentsForrest, Peter 7-Apr-2014
22014Conflicting Intuitions about SpaceForrest, Peter 23-Apr-2014
32010Can a Souffl√© Rise Twice? Van Inwagen's Irresponsible Time-TravelersForrest, Peter 17-Sep-2010
42015The Multiverse: Separate Worlds, Branching, or Hyperspace? And What Implications Are There for Theism?Forrest, Peter 30-Jun-2015
52003The Trinity and Personal IdentityForrest, Peter 23-Jun-2009
62009The Incarnation: A philosophical Case for KenosisForrest, Peter 23-Nov-2010
72006General Facts, Physical Necessity, and the Metaphysics of TimeForrest, Peter 30-Jun-2008
82009Divine Fission: A New Way of Moderating Social TrinitarianismForrest, Peter 6-Oct-2010
92002Heterodox Probability TheoryForrest, Peter 14-May-2009
102006Epistemic BootstrappingForrest, Peter 7-May-2009