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1012016Monitoring the resilience of rivers as social-ecological systems: a paradigm shift for river assessment in the twenty-first centuryParsons, Melissa ; Thoms, Martin ; Flotemersch, Joe; Reid, Michael 5-Jul-2016
1022007Physical-Ecological Interactions in a Lowland River System: Large Wood, Hydraulic Complexity and Native Fish Associations in the River Murray, AustraliaHughes, V; Thoms, Martin ; Nicol, SJ; Koehn, JD7-Sep-2011
1032007The Physical Diversity and Assessment of a Large River System: the Murray-Darling Basin, AustraliaThoms, Martin ; Rayburg, Scott C; Neave, Melissa R9-Jan-2012
1042016Measuring spatial patterns in floodplains: A step towards understanding the complexity of floodplain ecosystemsScown, Murray; Thoms, Martin ; De Jager, Nathan R4-Apr-2017
1052016An introduction to river science: research and applicationsThoms, Martin ; Gilvear, David J; Greenwood, Malcolm T; Wood, Paul J4-Apr-2017
1062006A gradient or mosaic of patches? The textural character of inset-flood plain surfaces along a dryland river systemSouthwell, Mark ; Thoms, Martin 9-Mar-2012
1072006The diversity of inundated areas in semiarid flood plain ecosystemsMurray, Orla; Thoms, Martin ; Rayburg, Scott9-Mar-2012
1082012Double Trouble: the influence of wildfire and flow regulations of fine sediment accumulation in the Cotter River, AustraliaSouthwell, Mark ; Thoms, Martin 4-Jun-2013
1092012Changes in benthic community structure and function in an Australian regulated upland stream following wildfireReid, Michael ; Thoms, Martin 4-Jun-2013
1102012The issue below the surface: wildfire, riverbed sediments and flow regulationThoms, Martin 4-Jun-2013