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1512006Unravelling the physical template of a terminal flood plain-wetland sediment storage systemRayburg, S; Thoms, Martin ; Lenon, E11-Aug-2011
1522008Identifying relationships between flood history, flood frequency and the provenance of surface sediments in a semi-arid terminal wetlandRayburg, SC; Thoms, Martin 5-Sep-2011
1532008Flood plain nutrient dynamics: patterns, controls and the influence of changing hydrologyLowes, A G; Southwell, Mark ; Thoms, Martin 11-Aug-2011
1542006Are flood plain-wetland plant communities determined by seed bank composition or inundation periods?Webb, Munique; Reid, Michael ; Capon, S; Thoms, Martin ; Rayburg, S; James, C11-Aug-2011
1552008The Riverine Ecosystem Synthesis: Toward Conceptual Cohesiveness in River ScienceThorp, JH; Thoms, Martin ; Delong, MD18-Aug-2011
1562007Very-broad-scale assessment of human impacts on river conditionNorris, R H; Linke, S; Prosser, I; Young, W J; Liston, P; Bauer, N; Sloane, N; Dyer, F; Thoms, Martin 18-Jul-2011
1572007A framework for interdisciplinary understanding of rivers as ecosystemsDollar, E S J; James, C S; Rogers, K H; Thoms, Martin 18-Jul-2011
1582006Flow variability in dryland rivers: boom, bust and the bits in betweenBunn, S E; Thoms, Martin ; Hamilton, S K; Capon, S J19-Jul-2011
1592008Determination and interpretation of sediment provenance in a sedimentary sequence affected by post-depositional changesCossart, R A; Thoms, Martin ; Reid, Michael 18-Jul-2011
1602006The macroinvertebrate fauna of an Australian dryland river: spatial and temporal patterns and environmental relationshipsMarshall, J C; Sheldon, F; Thoms, Martin ; Choy, S19-Jul-2011