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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12012A Noneistic Metaphysics of ContentGawthorne, David; Forrest, Peter ; Gray, Frances; Walsh, Adrian 3-Aug-2012
22007Developmental Theism: From Pure Will to Unbounded LoveForrest, Peter 29-Apr-2009
32016The Mereology of Structural UniversalsForrest, Peter 12-Oct-2016
42002Truthmaker and its VariantsKhlentzos, DM ; Forrest, Peter 29-Sep-2008
52010Mereotopology without MereologyForrest, Peter 14-May-2010
62006Collective Guilt; Individual ShameForrest, Peter 1-May-2009
72006Uniform Grounding of Truth and the Growing Block Theory: A Reply to HeathwoodForrest, Peter 1-May-2009
82014On Molinism and Manipulation: Does Molinism answer the problems about Providence, Foreknowledge and Free Will?Anderson, Robert Ian; Forrest, Peter ; Lynch, Anthony 8-Apr-2015
92007Mereological summation and the question of unique fusionForrest, Peter 1-May-2009
102009Music, Geometry, and the Listener: Space in The History of Western Philosophy and Western Classical MusicBuck, Mary; Forrest, Peter ; Walsh, Adrian 17-Oct-2011