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12013Truffle-like fungi sporocarps in a eucalypt-dominated landscape: patterns in diversity and community structureDanks, Melissa; Lebel, Teresa; Vernes, Karl A ; Andrew, Nigel R 26-Feb-2013
22005Demography in relation to population density in two herbivorous marsupials: Testing for source - Sink dynamics versus independent regulation of population sizeJohnson, CN; Vernes, KA ; Payne, A30-Jul-2008
32001Gliding performance of the northern flying squirrel (Glaucomys Sabrinus) in mature mixed forest of Eastern CanadaVernes, KA 28-Jul-2008
42007Hypogeous fungi in the diet of the red-legged pademelon 'Thylogale stigmatica' from a rainforestopen forest interface in northeastern AustraliaVernes, Karl Adriaan ; Trappe, James M29-Jan-2010
52009Mammal mycophagy and fungal spore dispersal across a steep environmental gradient in eastern AustraliaVernes, Karl A ; Dunn, Linda18-Dec-2009
62007Association of Parma Wallabies ('Macropus Parma') with sedge swamps in Gibraltar Range National ParkVernes, Karl Adriaan ; Cooper, Tani11-Jan-2010
72005The northern flying squirrel ('Glaucomys sabrinus') as a vector for inoculation of red spruce ('Picea rubens') seedlings with extomycorrhizal fungiCaldwell, I; Vernes, Karl Adriaan ; Barlocher, F21-Jan-2010
82009Are introduced black rats ('Rattus rattus') a functional replacement for mycophagous native rodents in fragmented forests?Vernes, Karl A ; McGrath, Katrina A16-Mar-2010
92009Effects of landscape composition and configuration on northern flying squirrels in a forest mosaicRitchie, Louise E; Betts, Matthew G; Forbes, Graham; Vernes, Karl A 2-Feb-2010
102006Population density of the Northern Bettong 'Bettongia Tropica' in northeastern QueenslandVernes, Karl Adriaan ; Pope, Lisa11-Feb-2010