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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12012Mating system and local dispersal patterns of an endangered potoroid, the northern bettong ('Bettongia tropica')Pope, Lisa C; Vernes, Karl A ; Goldizen, Anne W; Johnson, Christopher N19-Feb-2013
22012Distribution, Ecology and Conservation of the Red Panda ('Ailurus fulgens') in the Himalayan Kingdom of BhutanDorji, Sangay; Vernes, Karl ; Rajaratnam, Rajanathan 5-Apr-2012
32012Seed traits and seed bank longevity of wet sclerophyll forest shrubsCampbell, Monica L; Clarke, Peter J ; Keith, David A17-May-2012
4Apr-2012How to fit nonlinear plant growth models and calculate growth rates: An update for ecologistsPaine, C E Timothy ; Marthews, Toby R; Vogt, Deborah R; Purves, Drew; Rees, Mark; Hector, Andy; Turnbull, Lindsay A16-Apr-2019
52012Responses of Eastern Yellow Robins 'Eopsaltria australis' to translocation into vegetation remnants in a fragmented landscapeDebus, Steve J S ; Ford, Hugh A 13-May-2013
6Aug-2012Contrasting taxonomic and functional responses of a tropical tree community to selective loggingBaraloto, Christopher; Herault, Bruno; Massot, Helene; Blanc, Lilian; Bonal, Damien; Molino, Jean-Francois; Nicolini, Eric A; Sabatier, Daniel; Paine, C E Timothy 3-Apr-2019
7Oct-2012Differences in volatile terpene composition between the bark and leaves of tropical tree speciesCourtois, Elodie A; Baraloto, Christopher; Paine, Timothy C E ; Petronelli, Pascal; Blandinieres, Pierre-Alain; Stien, Didier; Houel, Emeline; Bessiere, Jean-Marie; Chave, Jerome3-Apr-2019
82012Transpiration and plant water relations of evergreen woody vegetation on a recently constructed artificial ecosystem under seasonally dry conditions in Western AustraliaGwenzi, Willis; Veneklaas, Erik J; Bleby, Timothy M; Yunusa, Isa ; Hinz, Christoph31-Mar-2014
92012Airborne laser scanning for vegetation structure quantification in a south east Australian scrubby forest-woodlandJenkins, Ross 31-Mar-2014
102012The Swamp Wallaby 'Wallabia bicolor': a generalist browser as a key mycophagistDanks, Melissa ; Vernes, Karl ; Andrew, Nigel ; Lebel, Teresa2-Aug-2012