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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12001Hibernation: EndothermsGeiser, Fritz 12-Nov-2009
22005Asia: South-EastMetcalfe, Ian 25-May-2010
32013ASIA | South-EastMetcalfe, Ian 17-Oct-2013
42017Twin Hills and Mount Gunyan silver depositsHalloran, Davina; Ashley, Paul ; Cooke, Jessie28-Mar-2018
52011Kangaroo HarvestingCairns, Stuart C 15-Mar-2012
620028ald. 'Eleocharis' R. Brown (subg. 'Eleocharis' sect. 'Eleocharis') ser. 'Tenuissimae' SvensonSmith, S G; Bruhl, Jeremy James 22-Feb-2010
7200216. 'Remirea' AubletTucker, Gordon C; Bruhl, Jeremy James 22-Feb-2010
820029. 'Websteria' S. H. Wright, Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 14: 135. 1887Bruhl, Jeremy James 22-Feb-2010
920028. 'Eleocharis' R. Brown, Prodr., 224. 1810Smith, S Galen; Bruhl, Jeremy James ; Gonzalez-Elizondo, M Sorocco; Menapace, Francis J22-Feb-2010
10200214. 'Oxycaryum' Nees in C. F. P. von Martius et al., Fl. Brasil. 2(1): 90. 1842Bruhl, Jeremy James 22-Feb-2010