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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12008Search for the Permian-Triassic boundary in central Peninsular Malaysia: Preliminary ReportSone, Masatoshi; Metcalfe, Ian ; Leman, Mohd Shafeea24-Nov-2010
2Feb-2019CRDC and UNE: Fullfilling industry needsKnox, Oliver ; Griffiths, Brendan 3-Apr-2019
32004Lana Litter - Money in the BankReid, Nick ; Forge, Karen25-Oct-2011
42017Looking below the surface: What does it mean to you, our growers?Knox, Oliver ; Jenson, Melanie17-Mar-2017
52009Catching Helicoverpa survivors on Bollgard II with green lacewingBahar, Md Habibullar; Stanley, John ; Gregg, Peter ; del Socorro, Alice 28-May-2010
62018Reconsider the importance of soil organic carbonOsanai, Yui ; Knox, Oliver 25-Jun-2018
72016Looking below the surface: Lessons from the landscapeKnox, Oliver ; Smith, Rhiannon ; Kelly, Bryce; Korbel, Kathryn; Gupta, Vadakattu15-Dec-2016
82016Regional trials yielding surprising dataKnox, Oliver 15-Dec-2016
9Dec-2019The UNE/CRDC cotton course update and future plansKnox, Oliver ; Smith, Rhiannon ; Griffiths, Brendan 30-Mar-2020
102016Looking below the surface: What it means for youKnox, Oliver 15-Dec-2016