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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12005Efficiency of early selection for rotation-aged growth and wood density traits in 'Pinus radiata'Li, L ; Wu, HX8-Aug-2008
22008Application Of GGE Biplot Analysis To Evaluate Genotype (G), Environment (E), And G×E Interaction On 'Pinus Radiata': A Case StudyDing, Meimei ; Tier, Bruce ; Yan, W; Wu, H X; Powell, M B; McRae, T A2-Dec-2009
32015Managing the rate of increase in average co-ancestry in a rolling front tree breeding strategyKerr, R J; McRae, T A; Dutkowski, G W; Tier, Bruce 22-Apr-2016
42008Multi-Environment Trial Analysis For 'Pinus Radiata'Ding, Meimei ; Tier, Bruce ; Dutkowski, G; Wu, H X; Powell, M B; McRae, T A2-Dec-2009
52011Industry wide genetic analysis of tree breeding data using TREEPLAN®Kerr, R J; McRae, T A; Li, Li ; Tier, Bruce ; Dutkowski, G W; Costa e Silva, J23-Jun-2016
62004Simulation of the comparative gains from four different hybrid tree breeding strategiesKerr, RJ; Dieters, MJ; Tier, B 31-Jul-2008
72004Simulation of hybrid forest tree breeding strategiesKerr, Richard John; Dieters, Mark J; Tier, Bruce ; Dungey, Heidi S1-Dec-2009