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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12003Genetic relationship between a new feeding pattern trait and performance traitsMcSweeny, JM; Hermesch, Susanne ; Crump, Ronald E ; Luxford, BG8-Jun-2012
22001Factors causing a reduction in individual feed intake data of group-housed pigs recorded with electronic feedersMcSweeny, JM; Hermesch, Susanne ; Crump, Ronald E ; Luxford, BG8-Jun-2012
32005Reliability of trial designs for a proof of estimated breeding values analysisHansson, Anna; Crump, Ronald Edward ; Hermesch, Susanne 7-Jun-2012
42003Variation in Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) of Young BoarsHermesch, Susanne ; Crump, Ronald E 8-Jun-2012
52004The National Pig Improvement Program (NPIP) - updateCrump, Ronald E ; Hermesch, Susanne 25-Jun-2012
62006Tips for making better use of PIGBLUPHermesch, Susanne ; Crump, Ronald E 25-Jun-2012
72011Group characteristics influence growth rate and backfat of commercially raised grower pigsJones, Robert M; Crump, Ronald E ; Hermesch, Susanne 23-Mar-2012
82007Impact of addition of new herds on genetic parameter estimates in the Australian Brahman populationDonoghue, Katherine ; Johnston, David ; Graser, Hans Ulrich 12-Jan-2010
92010Design and role of an information nucleus in sheep breeding programsVan Der Werf, Julius H ; Kinghorn, Brian ; Banks, Robert 27-Apr-2011
102014Breech strike indicator traits for Merino sheep in non-seasonal rainfall environmentsBird-Gardiner, Tracie L ; Brown, Daniel ; Smith, J L; Mortimer, S I; Refshauge, G19-May-2015